About the Book

Lana the adventurous Jamaican princess is visiting Novgorod a Russian city. While touring Novgorod's Kremlin, Princess Lana learns about the saga of Princess Efanda, a founder of the Russian nation.

Princess Efanda was at home with her husband Prince Rurik when a group of men arrived and offered him the throne of Novgorod. Prince Rurik accepts the throne of Novgorod a city across the Baltic Sea. Rurik wants Efanda to stay behind in Scandinavia because he thinks the journey is too dangerous for a young lady to make.  Efanda sneaks off and leaves for Novgorod. While on his way to Novgorod, Rurik runs into his wife and is shocked to know that she made the journey that he thought was too risky for her. Princess Efanda proved that she is just as brave as her husband Prince Rurik.